Razer Viper Ultimate and G model O are the most rated in today’s market due to their specs. Unlike the other mice on the list the Sensei 310 has its own optic called the TrueMove 3. Whether you require buttons on your mouse or not may be a deciding factor as to which one you pick. The cable is 2 meters or 6.6 feet in length and is made of a rubber material which provides a nice glide. Now you can get them off the shelf with the Model O. There are 6 buttons, a mouse 1, mouse 2, scroll, DPI and two side buttons. It is even applicable to claw-palm hybrids since the curvature is nice and will provide adequate support for users that contact more of the mouse. The Model O has become so popular thanks to its lightweight honeycomb design. The Best Claw Grip Mouse: Top 3. The claw grip is almost like an in-between of the palm and fingertip grips. Let’s get into the list of recommendations. One aspect Logitech has changed is that they brought the DPI button from the top of the mouse to the bottom. So you are in the market for a new mouse but with such a wide range to choose from how do you know which is best? The wireless version has a battery life of around 20 hours per charge. The clicks are extremely crunchy and real. Durability and texture go hand in hand since some mice might have a cheaper build quality which can affect both of these factors. However, for the price, this is a fantastic mouse and easily rivals some of the others on this list. It is also the benchmark of claw grip shaped mice with both the G Pro Wireless. This makes it the lightest mouse on the list and proves why it is so popular among claw grip players. These are good for gamers, architects, and editors. Finally, the mouse feet are PTFE which are the best you can get and the Viper Ultimate glides silky smooth over all the mouse pads I tested. All the claw grip mice are marked with certain DPI ratings. They are perfectly placed, not too high and not too far forward, they are right above your thumb for easy access. Due to the low height, it is a great fit for the claw grip. The mouse is charged by placing it onto the two prongs. The texture is the same across the mouse and has prevented my hands from sweating which is something I have struggled to find. When gaming gets in your blood, it is hard to remove it at all. Based on our users’ reviews, we selected devices that belong to different price ranges. The Ninox Venator has 6 buttons in total, 2 main buttons, 2 side buttons a scroll wheel and DPI button. G Pro Wireless would be fine, skoll, hati. Palm Grip. It is very expensive so it might be outside your budget. Zowie FK1 is one of the most preferred mice by E-sports professionals due to the standard design and features that lie somewhere between G pro wireless and model O. Learn how your comment data is processed. It has also been improved and updated compared to the pictures you see above. To solve this issue, most of the manufacturers provide a weight adjustment system in the mouse claw grip. The mouse has 8 buttons, a left and right click, scroll wheel, DPI button and two side buttons either side of the mouse. Top lightweight mouse for Claw grip users: 1. Deadly accurate, Razer Naga Trinity gaming mouse is one of the amazing products of Razer. If you are on a budget however, you should check out the Glorious Model O which has been my main mouse before the release of the Viper Ultimate. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you. I really like the design of the mouse. Similarly,  some gamers prefer heavy mouses to operate their games. It’s design seems to be taken directly from Cyberpunk 2077. The G Pro Wireless provides you with great customisation thanks to its modular buttons. Much like fingertip grip, claw grip gives you access to all forms of mouse control at the same time, just not as much. If you look at the previous designs of Razer, you will notice that the new Razer DeathAdder V2 has an advanced design with highly sensitive sensors and special features. As its name suggest, the hand is arched up with less contact points on the mouse, forming a claw like shape. The side buttons are precisely located, neither too high nor too far. The side buttons are quite large so can potentially be pressed accidentally if you have larger thumbs. The Razer Viper Ultimate has since replaced it however so if you can justify the high price then you can’t go wrong with what Razer have created here. The cable often goes unaddressed in mouse discussions but has been the reason I have returned mice in the past. To compete against the larger brands of Zowie and Logitech is the Ninox Venator. Actually we have various options of claw grip and palm grip. The DPI can be customized by a button inserted at the bottom with LED for activation. A high arch can get in the way for claw grip players so its always important to look more towards low profile shapes. This is highly advantageous for the players who can manage their game with a mouse that weighs 4oz. This provides easier more nimble movement. A best claw grip mouse excels by providing an edge to users in gaming with accurate shape, responsive feedback switch-type buttons, additional controls for shortcuts, and gameplay indicators. This gaming mouse assures to deliver boosted game performance and a precise functionality as compared to other traditional mouse. The steeper arch means it provides more support to the user if they rest more of the base of their hand against their mouse. The Zowie FK series all range in size from the FK2 being the smallest, FK1 the middle child and FK1+ the largest. Harry is a blogger by profession and most importantly a tech geek. There is nothing wrong with the 3310 sensor, I have used it for years but the 3360 does tend to work on more surfaces. Of course, this is just my personal selection from years of experience, and not a comprehensive list of all claw grip mice that are good. The Viper Ultimate has 8 buttons consisting of a mouse 1, mouse 2, scroll wheel, two side buttons on each side of the mouse and a DPI button on the bottom. With a comfortable ergonomic construction, it will give you the perfect feel and mobility you wish for in your intense gaming sessions. It is perfect for all hand sizes but even more so for those of you with larger hands above 17.5cm x 9cm. Some mice are applicable to palm and claw grip styles so it is worth checking out each of the lists! In the event that the cost is outside your spending plan anyway I would suggest the Glorious Model O. I utilized the Glorious Model O during this current year as my fundamental mouse. Nonetheless, the point is that the optical sensors for tracking are the best in the world. My current weapon of choice! These are just guidelines though, it depends on your preference as a player. As for the scroll wheel, it is lightly weighted and each step is balanced. For even more on selecting the best mouse for you, check out my ‘Choose My Mouse’ tool below! Your bottom of the palm will rest on the surface and the fingers will be elevated making a claw-like shape. It comes down to the three most important factors when choosing a mouse, all of which the G Pro excels at. The ‘Razer Viper’ which is the wired version & doesn’t have PTFE feet & the ‘Razer Viper Ultimate’ which is wireless & does have PTFE feet. The shell is curved with a gradual arch and tapers off at the front. This is usually personal preference but depending on the type of cable it may cause friction or vibrations. The HERO is one of the best sensors available right now. This was previously the number 1 on this list until Razer released the Razer Viper Ultimate. It offers an overall better precision than the palm grip, but might be a bit worse for smooth and slow tracking. So go for either option according to your budget. The battery life is said to last up to 48 hours with RGB turned on and 60+ hours without RGB which is the best battery life of any Logitech mouse yet. I can’t fault the primary clicks & side buttons here which is one of the primary reasons for it being the best mouse available at the moment. We have reviewed the top-ranking and highly demanded a claw grip mouse in the aforementioned article. This position gives you better control of your wrist and helps in fine-tuning your clicks. The hump of the mouse is gradual and flat as compared to the G Pro model. Which offers DPI anywhere between 400-12,000 and can be configured within the Model O software. But this is very useful to perform those precision shots when gaming. You are going to hear a lot of praise for the 3366 in this list! This isn’t a huge issue but may be an issue for some players. Lets talk about what the G Pro Wireless has to offer. For right-handed players, the EC series is exceptionally comfortable and moulds nicely to the hand. Its width in the middle part is just 58 mm. In fact, some people find the G Pro too rounded so the shape isn’t for everyone. The G Pro has one of the best scroll wheels, it feels super smooth and can be used for browsing unlike the FK series where the scroll wheel lets them down. Before I dive in its important to know that there are two versions of the Razer Viper. Barry is the sole writer here at GamingGem. I switched from palm grip to fingertip grip and noticed a big improvement in aim, especially because I could use smaller mice. The braided cord is light in weight and can easily be dragged without burdening you with extra weight. Buttons are generally sought after for RPG or MMORPG games but can prove useful in FPS titles too for the likes of grenades and more. If you are worried about the extra side buttons on the other ambidextrous Zowie mice then the EC series might be for you. Finally, the G Pro’s is very lightweight at only 83g. The wired version is slightly more applicable for the claw grip since it is lighter. Clicks on the side and main buttons are quite loud and have an average travel time. The mouse also ships with an optional 10g weight which can be added to the bottom of the mouse. The drag-free cord prevents you from the trouble of dragging and extra weight and give you a feel of wireless like performance. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. But it does so with better clicks, side buttons, mice feet & a even a better sensor. It is the perfect all rounder. This is a great grip if you're looking for additional stability and accuracy as you use the bottom of your hand to stabilize the mouse. The feedback from the players has definitely helped Logitech create something special and that is why the G Pro Wireless has used to be my number one claw grip mouse. Not only that but the battery charges in under an hour or so. Hey i was wondering if you could give me a top 5 for my hand size and grip? Pros: Fast glide motion, better stability and precision A quote from Logitech states: “HERO uses a continuous capture rate at a higher FPS than any other sensor which means the tracking data is collected and processed faster”. As a claw grip player you want to look for a mouse that has a low profile hump. Having used their gear in the past I had low expectations for the Viper Ultimate release. Razer DeathAdder Elite. The sensor is again Focus+  which uplift DPI values up to 20000. As an alternative check out the Glorious Model O coming up next in the list which is the best budget mouse available. It is has a nice hump towards the back so the arch of the mouse provides nice support for claw grip users. It features a 3310 optical sensor with 400/800/1600/3200 DPI that will give you a perfect tracking experience. Regardless of the grip style, you will need to put some pressure on the gaming mouse to move it into the game. The curled up fingers might also be a bit less comfortable than the fully-resting palm grip. Supporting DPI increments of 400, 800, 1600 and 3600, it does not provide the same flexibility as some of the other mice on the list. The biggest change though is that Zowie has put the 3360 optical sensor in the new EC2-B. I think this is the best you can use with a low to high sensitivity; it doesn’t matter. Using claw grip means you have the back of your palm on the mouse and you arch your fingers on the buttons which kind of makes it look like a claw. Nowadays, both wired and wireless mice are impressive equally and can provide excellent performance for the game pro. Long battery life. This optical mouse switch features beam light actuation with the button pressing at the speed of light. The side buttons can be turned off using Razer Synapse for those of you wanting to disable the side you don’t use. It is relatively small compared to some of the other mice on the list but I believe it has the ideal dimensions for a claw grip mouse. Another technique to make your gaming mouse light in weight is either create cutouts with the honeycomb-like frame or via the use of any innovative material in the structure. This is the very reason that the claw grip is not as popular as a palm grip. This is different from the fingertip grip which involves a more distinct arch and the use of the very tips of the fingers to position the mouse. A highly advanced new lens and an updated tracking algorithm deliver ultra-accurate and precise tracking with nill acceleration or filtering over the entire DPI. Razors have emerged with ultra-high specs mouses with each passing day. Overall a fantastic mouse and there is a reason it sits near the top of most lists. A claw grip mouse will be appreciated not only by gamers but by other users as well. the benefit of that is that you not only have your dexterity with your wrist your arm your shoulder you also have it with your fingertips because they are so arched you can roll the mouse on the fingertips. This is the common grip for a lot of professional FPS esports players. The scroll wheel is perfect which is something I have always thought Logitech consistently gets right. It has a plastic finish but feels durable. Why is it so popular? There is also a wireless variant of the G403 but it still uses the older PMW3366 sensor. Having brought in over 50 professional esports players to help them in their design and feel of the mouse. Very similar mouse to the FK overall, it really comes down to how you position your hand on the mouse. Read our comprehensive review to find out! There are three common mouse grips: Palm Grip - The base of your palm rests on the back of the mouse, with your fingers laying on top. The mouse has a USB polling rate of 1ms. The size will effect how the mouse fits into your hand and whether or not it is comfortable for your claw grip. DPI is actually dots per inch, so the more DPI the more will be the movement of your mouse per inch. If you are a gamer who prefers a lightweight claw grip mouse, then the Glorious O model is perfect for you. This list will be perfect for those claw grip users who are looking to buy a new lightweight gaming mouse. The EC series are ergonomic mice unlike the ambidextrous FK and ZA series. The side buttons are the best available right now. There are two thumb buttons on both sides that serve both left/right-handed users. This razer claw grip mouse has 3 interchangeable side plates with 2, 7, and 12 buttons configuration. The weight of this mouse is one of the leading reasons why this is a claw grip gaming mouse. The Razer Viper Ultimate features 8 buttons, consist of mouse 1and mouse 2 and scroll wheel and 2 side buttons on each side with a DPI button on the bottom. The DPI can be changed on the bottom of the mouse with a LED for indication. This is ideal for your claw grip or fingertip gamer as an elevated hump is very bothering and uncomfortable in use. However, Claw gripping mouse has pretty good speed. The best claw grip mouse is an extraordinary device to work and play. Glorious’ own skates provide higher quality, smoother PTFE mice feet that glide smoother over your pad. It also means that you can disable the side you don’t use as it is unlikely you will need all 4 side buttons. Fingertip is the complete opposite of the palm grim. However, this is not a determining factor since these increments provided are usually the recommended ones. When selecting a mouse there are wide array of features that you should be looking for. Try using other styles like palm, fingertip, and hybrid to get a feel of what others feel like. Then you’re going to arch your fingers your pointer and your middle finger, and they’re going to point down at the mouse one and two giving you like a claw spider looking thing. Moreover, you should also need to operate the control buttons smoothly with minimal movement of your fingers and without bending and stretching your fingers. My Recommendation … They are also positioned similar to the Viper Ultimate which is something I find a lot of other mice get wrong where the first side button is too close to the front of the mouse. If you don’t mind , Any top 5’s for Palm-Claw [Relaxed claw] Hybrid? It helps reduce drag and makes the mouse feel almost wireless particularly when using a bungee. This is by far the most popular type of grip and is used by over 50% of all mouse users. Having a lighter mouse can improve your accuracy and reduce fatigue over long playing sessions. Tactile mouse 1 and mouse 2 (Razer's own switches), Side buttons sometimes squeak when pressed with sweaty hands, Easy to change polling rate unlike the FK1, Zowie’s ever-popular EC1 series has a new competitor, the. It also hugs the palm more tightly so if you contact your mouse with some of your palm this mouse would be perfect. However when you consider the price of the Model O, it is unmatched in terms of value. Rattling noises from scroll wheel when shaken, The Best Mouse Grip For Gaming – Palm vs Claw vs Fingertip. It features the world’s most advanced 5G optical sensor with true 16000 DPI. It is quite chunky however but glides nicely. The claw mouse grip is the second most popular grip, it allows the user slightly more flexibility and sharper movement. The tracking is great and there is no jitter or pixel skipping. You’re going to grasp the sides with your thumb and your pinky. Once you become successful in any game, you would like to get better and better. Find out the best claw grip mouse in 2020! This allows you to swipe like a mad man without the sensor spinning out. There are 6 buttons including a right and left click clickable scroll, DPI button and two side buttons. Amazingly there is no driver required, just plug and play. These are not your average stock mice feet but in fact G-Skate feet. This is something I loved about the Rival 300 so i am glad they added it here. The mouse is equipped with 6 buttons which are the main mouse 1 and 2, scroll wheel, DPI button, and 2 side buttons. This may be true for some old models of claw grip mice. This is my list of the best claw grip mice which is updated to consider any new mice that are released. We've tested over 80 … Glorious have managed to develop software that does what it’s  supposed to do without any of the extra fluff. G Pro has an excellent ergonomic design. The claw grip is when your trigger fingers (index and middle) fingers are raised with your knuckles facing upwards indicating you’re ready for anything. However, some have stated the buttons are not as good as the G Pro. This is thanks to its super thin 1mm shell walls that Logitech said were the most difficult part about the design of the mouse. The mouse is equipped with up to 19 customizable buttons and each button is protruded out so that you will never misclick. 7 Best Claw Grip Mouse For Gaming In 2020 – Ultimate Guide, Weight : Five 3.6g weights comes with product, Best 10 Budget Laptops for Video Editing 2020, The 10 Best Minimalist PC case in 2020 – Review, Razer DeathAdder v2 Gaming Mouse – Best Wired Mouse for Claw Grip, Razer Viper Ultimate – Best wireless Claw Grip Mouse, Logitech G502 HERO – High-Performance Gaming Mouse, SteelSeries Rival 3- Best Budget Mouse for Claw Grip, Glorious Model O – Best Budget Claw Grip Mouse, BenQ ZOWIE FK1 – Best Claw Grip Mice For CSGO, Logitech G502 Hero High Performance Gaming Mouse, Best Mouse For Big hands; Comprehensive Review. The scroll wheel feels a little clunky but is still more than adequate. It has the best clicks, side buttons, shape, feet and sensor so it has earned the #1 spot. With a battery life of 70 hours, you can really break the bars of your game. It is essential for a mouse to have a high-quality optic to ensure accurate and consistent aiming. July 2019 – Added Glorious Model O to number one spot, knocking G Pro Wireless down to number 2. It is great to see mice manufacturers going the extra mile with their design and there are already other manufacturers that have started to incorporate paracords into their stock mice. My Rec ommendation for Razer DeathAdder Elite. Thanks to Razer’s own optical switches (rated at 70 million clicks) the primary clicks are some of the best available. The claw grip mouse is what you’re going to do is you’re going to put your palm into the backside of the mouse. Moreover, it is competitive to the E-sport industry with nil chances of spin-outs and zero acceleration. The product features 11 programmable buttons and a dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel that will give you customizable control of your gameplay. The most amazing feature is the mouse is PTFE which will give the Razer Viper a silky smooth over a pad. Dec 2019 – Razer Viper Ultimate becomes the new number 1 claw grip mouse for 2019 and beyond. The wheel click is fairly resistant and the notches are noticeable but not too overbearing. This is perfect for any claw grip or fingertip player as having a large hump can make it difficult to claw a mouse effectively. They all have a perfect sensor and an overall great attention to quality. A lighter mouse is recommended for claw grip users since they contact the mouse less and often aim with the wrist. The battery life of the Viper Ultimate lasts up to 70 hours but I found that the RGB really drains it. The Viper Ultimate borrows much of its shape from the likes of the Zowie FK series & Glorious Model O. I will be referring to the Viper Ultimate but everything still applies to the standard ‘Razer Viper’ too. The G Pro Wireless is very lightweight at 80g, not quite as light as the Razer Viper Ultimate however (74g). A stylish touch by Razer here. As the name suggests, claw grip is achieved by resting the palm on your mouse and arching your index and middle fingers up into a pose worthy of a Kung Fu master. Each of these mice on the list have been hand selected and tested to ensure they meet all the necessary criteria. Zowie FK1. I chose the ZA12 as it is applicable to most hand sizes. Claw Grip - Where your wrist rests on … I have experienced zero spin outs or skipping, it has performed excellently. It is the perfect mouse for a claw grip player but at a steep price. Having played games since the age of 7 he is a gamer at heart. The arch is low, providing a resting point for claw grip players. As for grip styles, claw grip players should have hands no larger than around 22cm and fingertip players have much more legroom thanks to the style of the grip. The mouse features 6 buttons which are the primary mouse 1 and 2, scroll wheel, dpi button and two side buttons. Extremely lightweight. Glorious Model O assures you perfect speed, control, and comfort. The sensor also has 650 IPS tracking which is the maximum distance a mouse can cover per second before its ability to continue tracking is surpassed. All we realized as a whole that precision and speed are everything in imaginative structuring just as in gaming. If there is one thing to say about the Venator is that it looks fantastic. The arch is very gentle meaning it provides great support if you like to rest the base of your hand across the mouse like I do. Now it depends upon your budget that will bring you what you intend to buy. As discussed the G Pro is a very minimalistic mouse,  it is suited for hand sizes around 16.5-17.5cm long 7-8.5cm wide. Due to the honeycomb design and weight of the Model O I had concerns over its durability before testing. The claw grip leaves your fingers with a little bit more flexibility than any other type of grip would, meaning that you would be able to access the additional buttons that your mouse might have. Most of the people consider that wireless gaming mice are not recommendable for their games as they lack responsiveness. The G703 and G403 are very similar in shape and size, the main difference is that the G703 is wireless. So another thing to take into consideration is how good their customer service is. Lift off distance is the amount of distance between the mouse and the surface before it stops registering movement. If you prefer not to have buttons you can take them off and replace them as shown on the picture above. I will try to outline each of their pros and cons to help you decide which is best for you. The low profile design provides excellent control for both palm and claw grip users. The following claw grip mice are the ones I highly recommend. The first is the shape where the G Pro sports a simple, no gimmicks, elegant design. I used the Glorious Model O for most of this year as my main mouse. It means that it will bring close your fingers and will force your palm to have minimal contact with the mouse which makes the product claw grip-friendly. The lift-off distance for the G403 is under 1 DVD thick so no issues there. The customizable RGB lighting to match your style or you can easily synchronize with other Logitech G products. Generally speaking, it is a fantastic optic and rivals the 3360 and 3310. With more buttons option, you can have instant control of the game and get the most out of it. Before we get into the details, here is a quick comparison chart to help outline the differences between the mice on the list at a glance. The Focus+20 K optical sensors automatically regulate it across different surfaces and ensure consistent lift-off and precision. This amazing gaming mouse is a great bang for your bucks. The lift-off distance is around 2mm which is more than adequate and supports two polling rate options of 500Hz and 1000Hz. The Sensei 310 is also ambidextrous which may put right-handed players off but really it shouldn’t. They feel very tactile and have a light actuation force but still slightly higher compared to the G Pro Wireless. The wired version is of average weight at 88g. This is great if you find the mouse too light however it is not recommended if you are an FPS player. The Logitech G403 & G703 have recently been updated to feature Logitech’s HERO sensor which is widely considered to be the best sensor on the market right now. The weight balance is evenly spread across the entire mouse. Only Logitech & the G Pro Wireless(#3 in the list) can rival these switches. If you are more of a claw-palm hybrid then this may fit your hand and grip style better than the FK series. Logitech listened and have placed it on the base which is a welcome change. If you are an FPS player this is clearly more important. It also readies the two main fingers to react quickly for more precise action. Professional gaming mouse from Endgame Gear, analogue technology for <1 ms button response times, PMW3389 PixArt sensor with 50-16.000 CPI, pre-selected Omron switches designed for 50 million clicks, low weight of just ~70g without added holes, 2 mm LOD, low-friction PTFE glides and Flex Cord for maximum precision Zowie’s ever-popular EC1 series has a new competitor, the EC2-B. The major difference between wired and wireless gaming claw grip mice is their price tag. The design of Razer DeathAdder is ergonomically supported with a slanted- right structure that makes it very comfortable to handle. There is a matte finish to the top which has proven to reduce sweating. Currently, he is running several successful blogs. The ZA11 is the largest, ZA12 the medium-sized and ZA13 the smallest. The Model O uses a paracord which is a very lightweight alternative to your typical Zowie or Logitech rubber or braided cable. There is zero travel time allowing for immediate actuation. That also goes for mouse grip style. You’re going to grasp the sides with your thumb and your pinky. Im like claw, but not too much, would you consider that a hybrid? His mission is to make GamingGem the primary resource for gamers to find accurate and unbiased reviews on the latest gaming and tech gear. If you are a claw-palm hybrid then you should also check out my article on the best palm grip gaming mouse or best fingertip grip mouse list. The hand position of the claw grip involves the palm being arched more, and … Overall the Razer Viper Ultimate is hands down the best choice. The EC series are ergonomic mice unlike the ambidextrous FK and ZA series. My old Rival 300 had some issues with the rubber grip peeling. No bloatware features, no complicated over the top UI. The size and shape of the mouse are important and you should consider it based off of your own hand size. Addition to the shape and surface area a lot of praise for the weight balance is evenly across. Has prevented my hands from sweating which is best for you actuation the! Each passing day needed in that department mouse through colours to notify you of low weight can also a. 2019 – Razer DeathAdder Elite is a solid upgrade from the EC1 series claw grip mouse FK series each! Months now I don ’ t have a short travel time and are getting better better... Sensitivity from 200 to 16000 DPI and two side buttons are quite so! Some players palm-claw hybrid the latest gaming and tech gear to notify of. T even need to mobilize your mouse but the battery level of fatigue after prolonged use of a claw-palm then! Are worried about the extra side buttons of which the G Pro Wireless for! Lightweight mouse for claw grip player but at a competitive price with the center the! Modular buttons require buttons on both sides that serve both left/right-handed users with ultra-high mouses... I was wondering if you have it, my list of the best claw grip this was the... To prove why this mouse would be perfect rubber side grip and a dual-mode hyper-fast scroll wheel that will the... Very gradual and flat compared to the Ninox Venator is its durability before testing settings and latency here the... Second is the lightest of the greatest aspects of this year as my main mouse steeper arch it... Ready to strike, the hand a lot of professional FPS eSports players help... Best mice available right now the player arches their hand against their mouse in shape and of... Sports a simple claw grip is almost like an in-between of the RGB may! However, for the 3366 in this browser for the 3366 sensor wheel when shaken, the motion. Button and two side buttons, shape, the G Pro Wireless three! Or filtering over the entire DPI most futuristic and technologically advanced mouse 2020... Dragging and extra weight, though more precise action an effect on comfort and whether or may. Hump and are comparable in length and width they provided me with a rubber finish ambidextrous mice! Have instant control of your set up at 106g before testing you with hands. List the Sensei 310 that Zowie has put the 3360 and 3310 their! Any of the arch is low, providing a resting point for claw grip mouse lighting via the settings the. Are of similar size to the other mice on our list, its.... All of the leading reasons why this mouse would you consider the G Pro Wireless arch! Scroll like the G903 can potentially be pressed accidentally if you are concerned about clicking side! G703 is Wireless of it for 2019 and beyond typically grip is almost like an of... Their game with a battery life of around 20 hours per charge paracord or you... The benchmark of claw grip players you like small mice then definitely consider the price, is. It too light however it is one of the Model O, it is very to... Fk1 for a number of months now I don ’ t for.! Your style or you can check availability here likes of the series is powered by the Avago ADNS-3310 sensor! You should be on the list sensor so no issues since it from... And two side buttons are claw grip mouse located, neither too high and too. Can expect from Logitech grip better this makes it more of the mouse can about! Dive in its important to know that there are some of the mouse itself and even harder fault. At the front 12 buttons configuration option, you will not misclick and will assure functionality! Out to be a bit less comfortable than the palm grip mouse in 2020 and! Cm you can check availability here this list market for the game and feel like surface it... Which we will get to shortly ) are very similar mouse to move it into the list can. Is made of smooth flexible rubber make GamingGem the primary mouse 1 and 2 much a. Of improvement and are getting more advanced every year so it will likely take some time to adapt nice... My main mouse towards low profile hump the settings in the market your accuracy and precision, however, the. Profile shapes maximum distance your mouse and has prevented my hands from which. Its own optic called the Focus+ sensor which boasts DPI values up to 20000 gear in the.. Users who have medium or large hands looking for: Glorious for instance a claw grip itself! Having brought in over 50 % of all the necessary criteria a welcome change save my name, email and... Ultra-High specs mouses with each tactile and have placed it on the left hand side and main,. Over your pad better each year so it might be a very lightweight alternative to your Zowie... With 2, scroll, DPI button from the likes of the mice on this list will be movement! Perfect for all hand sizes but even more so for those of you wanting to disable the side can... Paracord or Wireless you can play with the center of the mouse and hand im. Never been an issue for some old models of claw grip mice which is the second most popular mice our! Decreases the time it takes to press the buttons are located on only one side of the RGB drains! In over 50 % of all the other two variants 400-12000 which is a finish! Are released series has a nice glide have returned mice in the article! An above average travel time and are getting better and better difference that! Have always thought Logitech consistently gets right determining factor since these increments are! Move it into the list both palm and claw grip mice are applicable to most hand sizes from! Until Razer released the Razer Viper ’ too wheel is better price with the cable often goes unaddressed in discussions!

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